Hooray for the LA FPI's SWAN Day of Action Fest

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiatives' SWAN Day of Action Fest. My one act play Over Ripe was presented by Barbara Tarbuck and William Dennis Hunt with direction by Gloria Iseli at the Samuel French Bookshop in Hollywood.

It was a fun day with five new short plays presented by brilliant actors (most of whom work with the Vagrancy Theatre in LA), microreads of one page scenes and excerpts, and loads of goodwill (not to mention snacks).

I had a wonderful time, expanded my theatrical network by meeting some incredible artists, and felt myself falling even more in love with LA and southern California.

LifeinLA.com had the following to say about my play:

"Becca Anderson’s play Over Ripe was an extraordinary piece about an old New York couple, a married man and woman in their 70s, who were also notorious bodega robbers, spending an afternoon bickering about their annoyances with each other. Though young herself, Becca Anderson had acutely captured the language, idioms, and jargons of that generation.  And the elder actors, Barbara Tarbuck and William Dennis Hunt, added the mannerism of that age with much ease. By the end of the play the audience broke into cheers, and some even gave a standing ovation."

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