The Great Play Exchange

Since I want to be a full-time-all-I-do-for-my-living-is-write playwright and lyricist, I figured I should really read plays more often.

So I've hit up the Drama Book Shop, bought and read a few new plays, and made sure I didn't have any plays lying around the house that I hadn't read already. I also made a small donation to the Theatre Communications Group to nab that "free" subscription to American Theatre magazine so I can 1. read the five full play scripts included in their ten issues every year and 2. grow incredibly envious of absolutely everyone who wins crazy awesome awards, grants, and fellowships mentioned throughout the publication.


However, I have now read all the plays in my home and had to adjust my monthly budge to cover the cost of buying new plays. Unless I get some influx of good old cash monies, this play purchasing must cease. 

So! I used that glorious social media and said, "Oh hi, friends! Who wants to trade plays?" Huzzah! Positive responses! And thus the great play exchange has commenced! Hopefully I have some plays somebody wants to read, and in return for letting them read my plays, I will be allowed to read theirs. The great work begins!