Songs of Bernadette

She's gonna make a scene.

She's gonna make a scene…

Bernadette Andrews is a struggling musical theatre writer living in NYC and trying to find love. No, not from a person. She just needs Broadway to love her in this musical rom-com half-hour series.

A musical romantic comedy with new original songs in each episode. Bernadette Andrews works a dead-end day job while trying to break into the world of musical theatre as a writer. What differentiates this show from other career focused sitcoms is that Bernadette pursues her career goals the way women in film and television typically pursue romantic interests. Rom com tropes pop up throughout the series, but they’re turned on their heads as Bernadette seeks the love of the theatre industry (in the form of getting hired to write a Broadway show) instead of the love of a man. Her peers all seem to be doing better in the industry (at love?) than she is, and Bernadette has to balance her desire to support her friends with her even stronger desire to make it herself. The audience gets to experience the behind the scenes world of writing musicals - collaboration, self-producing, recording demos, networking, etc. - and follow Bernadette through a different rom-com trope in each episode. Additionally each episode features three new original musical numbers.

New songs coming soon!