Songs of Bernadette

Single-camera half hour musical comedy pilot. When Bernadette Andrews met Broadway, she knew is was true love, and she has been actively pursuing that one true love her entire life. Armed with an extensive knowledge of romantic comedy tactics and a talent for writing songs, she is convinced she'll one day win the love of Broadway. Bernadette is moonstruck, but she's also clueless about that fact that Broadway is just not that into her. Original songs, quirky characters, and a love story for the [st]ages will leave you thinking there's something about Bernadette.

Department of Ed

Single-camera half hour comedy pilot. Fed up with working for "the man," Ed leaves her job on Wall Street to be a social worker at a public school. She quickly realizes she may be in over her head when she meets the rest of the school's increasingly odd staff.


Short film. When Lily finds a hidden stack of money in a public restroom, she must make a hard decision in a hurry.


Single-camera webseries comedy. Super villains threaten the United States. The country's only hope is super spy Jack Goldenarms. The only catch? His arms are literally made of gold.