Over Ripe

One-Act play | 1M, 1W | Unit set

Abby and John Foley bicker about how to spend their afternoon, revealing to the audience that they are notorious New York City bodega robbers. Abby, desperate for a nap, allows John to convince her that one last heist is necessary for them to raise enough money for John’s much needed kidney transplant.

  • Selection, LA Female Playwrights' Initiative SWAN Day of Action Fest
  • Finalist, PIttsburgh New Works Festival
  • Selection, Manhattan Shakespeare Project Emerging Female Writers

Putnam Ave

One Act Play | 1M, 3W | unit set

Three selfish roommates mock their super as he replaces their toilet. Until he dies, that is.



One-Act play | 1M, 2W | Unit set with projections

The Queen of Pizza Hut is bored and needs her servants to bring her all the things. An homage to downtown theatre.

Park Bench

Five-minute play | 2W 

Two women fight over who has the right to use a park bench, comically exploring our relationships with public spaces.

  • Selection for the 2013 Occupy the Empty Space festival