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The Peculiar Tale of the Prince of Bohemia and the Society of Desperate Victorians (formerly The Suicide Club) is a new musical based on the series of short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson. It follows the hilarious misadventures of Prince Florizel of Bohemia and his chaperone, Col. Geraldine, as they traipse about Victorian London staving off existential dread and an arranged marriage.  Through his involvement in The Suicide Club, our hapless Prince comes to grips with modern life and learns to accept himself as both a monarch and a man.

With an indie-rock score, the show is both funny and moving as it explores what it is like to live in an age of convenience. By Becca Anderson, Julian Blackmore & Dan Marshall.


Prince Florizel of Bohemia is galavanting around London in the hopes of avoiding an arranged marriage. Overseen by his reluctant Master of Horses Geraldine the Prince seeks out new thrills and adventure to compensate for his existential crisis, and when he meets the charming Pendlebratten in a pub the Prince is captivated by his story of a mysterious secret society. 

They make their way to the Suicide Club, a meeting place for individuals tired of life but lacking the courage to do anything about it, instead leaving the matter in the hands of fate by drawing cards every night. The Prince instantly falls in love with the secretary of the club, while Geraldine does his best to avoid unwanted attention.

As they partake in a deadly game of cards the stakes get higher as the Prince comes to terms with this age of convenience, and what it means to be both a monarch and man.


2019 - Goodspeed Musicals Festival of New Musicals